i use all natural stones, bright colors, and gold/ silver plated metals in all of my pieces. each piece i create has an incredible amount of time and devotion put into it in order to deliver to you the best jewelry I can, enjoy!! 


Bright Colors 

the Nora baubles and the Lola Tassels have been the hit of the summer and winter seasons. I use all silk tassels for the Lola earrings, and all cotton tassels for the Nora baubles (as seen on the earring page). 


gold- plated chains 

i am in love with the smaller Bailey chokers!! the chains are gold and silver plated just ike all chokers and chains offered.


natural stones 

The Cara beaded earrings are ther perfect example of's designs! I use gold, silver, and bronze plated wire to get the perfectly sized shape. next, i add in beautiful, natural stones. I use a variety of Labradorite, Pyrite, faceted beads, and pearls to finish off the look.