I use all natural stones, bright colors, and gold/ silver plated metals in all of my pieces. each piece i create has an incredible amount of time and devotion put into them in order to deliver to you the best jewelry I can. enjoy!! 


Bright Colors 

the Nora baubles and the Lola Tassels have the hit of the season, and now that fall colors are out, they are sure to sell out fast! I use all silk tassels for the Lola earrings, and all cotton tassels for the Nora baubles (as seen in picture). 


gold- plated chain 

First of all, how cute are the new (smaller) Bailey Texas necklaces?! the chains are gold and silver plated and the charms are handmade from black- cherry natural wood. great gifts!! 


natural stones 

The Cara beaded earrings are the epitome of what's designs are all about! I use gold, silver, and bronze plated wire to get the perfectly sized shape to the earrings, then swoop in with my natural stones. I use a variety of Labradorite, Pyrite, faceted beads, and pearls to finish off the look.