would you like to know a little more about each jewelry piece? what inspires me to create new styles, collections, and jewelry? where i get my materials? or what stones each piece is made out of? this is the place to look! scroll down til you find the piece you're interested in and learn a little somethin'!

long necklaces


the ashley teardrop necklace 

i was inspired to create this piece when i saw one of my teachers wearing a similar short necklace. a unique aspect of this necklace is that it appears to be a long necklace made of chain, but then it drops down and you see the beautiful gold teardrop with the labradorite beads dangling in the center! 

unnamed (7).jpg


the laura gray + suede tassel necklace

this necklace was created with gorgeous gray sparkly beads made of labradorite stone and a suede tassel was added to the end for a nice fall accent. 


the always elegant grace long necklace is made of beautiful "galaxy beads" and unique Buddha and brass coin pendants. this necklace pairs well with a wide variety of colors; the best of which are white, khaki, blue, orange, or even pink sometimes. dressy or casual, this necklace is sure to add an elegant touch to your outfit!


this one- of- a- kind Caroline necklace is unique in every way- even the way you wear it! instead of the stone hanging at the bottom, it sits on the side! keep the stone close to your heart and this necklace will always be unique. 


these new orleans inspired pearl knot tassel necklaces are the perfect addition of color to your everyday/ work outfits! the necklaces are made of freshwater pearls and the tassels of leather. this combo is sure to get you non- stop compliments!

short necklaces


these simple everyday rosary material chokers are sure to add a delicate and understated pop of color. i personally wear one everyday with my school uniform and weekend outfits!


the classic amy needle drop short necklace is always a safe bet when trying to decide with jewelry to wear with a dressy outfit. the simple, delicate, and elegant short necklace is the perfect way to pack a bunch in your outfit. 


this new orleans inspired chevron pendant is handmade of hammered gold metal and shaped into a small arrow. i chose to name it after my sister lucy because it reminded me of her, and it is the perfect size for little girls to wear close to everyday, whether it's to school or on the weekends. 


the mia and ava velevet choker set is an adventurous but perfect addition to a casual weekend outfit and looks good with just about any and every color. 


this line consists of short necklaces and earrings and it was named after one of my art teachers, and comes in gold and oxidized dark metal. the jessica line will always make a great addition to any everyday outfit and/ or a weekend outfit.